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As a child, you were infamous for mealtimes. Mortifying your Kiku-nii with your flat-out refusal to eat his food, the indirect compliment to your Yao Gege's cooking was dulled by the fact that you were nonetheless a very picky eater. When forced to eat something you hated, the attending displeasure was immediately voiced out. If the coercion ontinued, your displeasure was more often than not displayed by a refusal to eat. At all.

In fine, China worried about you sometimes, afraid you weren't getting enough nutrition to suit - and soothe - his motherly instincts. So on the day he had a dinner with Russia scheduled, he first of all, prayed to the heavenly forces that feeding his little sister wouldn't be an ordeal.

Said little sister had set herself on Russia's lap to the immense pleasure of the great nation. She swung her little legs back and forth, eating what he ate, and dinner passed without incident. Until the vegetables were served.

"не хочу!" you announced, as soon as China attempted to feed you with carrots. Ignoring the raised spoonful, you turned to your living high chair. "Don't want! Right, Russia Xian Sheng?"

Russia chuckled, patting you on the head. "That's right, little one. You learn very fast, da?" But catching China's glare, he immediately added, "But you still have to eat them."


"Xiao Mei," China sighed, "you have to eat vegetables."

"But I don't like carrots!"

"It'll make you grow big and strong, just like Russia Xian Sheng."

You contemplated this, looking between the carrots and Russia. Carrots and Russia.


China groaned. Russia hatched an idea. "I know how to make them taste nice, little one. Then you'll be a good girl and taste them, da?"

You thought this proposal over. "Okay."

Chopping up the carrots into tiny pieces, Russia dropped them into his soup. And before China could register what he was doing, Russia took out his ever-present bottle of vodka, spilled a bit of it into the carrots-and-soup mixture, and fed the whole thing to you. By the time China had the presence of mind to yell "Stop!" you had swallowed everything - carrots, soup, vodka, and all.

"Well?" Russia asked, while China anxiously looked on, waiting for his baby sister to pass out.

You grinned. "Can we have carrots everyday, Gege? Just the way Russia Xian Sheng makes them?"

China snarled, and not for the first time, glared at his comrade. "You do not feed children alcohol, aru!"
100 Themes Challenge 79: Food
Inspired by my hatred for carrots.

I had this lying around for a while now. When I misread the theme (again), I thought this was as good a time as any to bring this tiny little drabble out. :D Flashback to the time when Reader-tan was a wee little country. :3
Testing 2 by IttyBittyTidbits
Testing 2
Tried drawing with a greyscale base this time. It was okay in black-and-white, and got ??? when I added the colours. Aaaaa....practise2x. >3> I have a loooong way to go towards sharper pictures!! xD

ref image:…
Testing 1 by IttyBittyTidbits
Testing 1
After one million years!!!! :faint: 

There remains much to be desired in the smooth lines department, but I think I'm getting the idea of painting. Intuos is not so scary anymore, and I think I'm starting to have fun!!! :D

If anyone's got tips on drawing smooth lines in Krita, I will love you forever. Comments and suggestions on this thing called digital painting are MOST WELCOME!!! :happybounce:

reference photo here:…
Gift: Captaiin-Stalker by IttyBittyTidbits
Gift: Captaiin-Stalker
One lifetime ago, I offered to draw an alternative outfit for :iconcaptaiin-stalker: 's OC:…

I drew with his lifestyle in mind. Thought I'd give him lace-up boots and sturdy jeans for his rough lifestyle. Then I went back to the reference photo and VOILA!!! realized that both the creator and I had the same idea. Great minds think alike, no? ;D This OC is supposed to live on the streets, and I thought he'd be terribly cold at night, so I gave him a sweater and a collared shirt to give him a bit of neatness so that he could mingle without drawing attention to himself. 

It's really just a simple design, but was a fun exercise in drawing everyday clothes. 

Background is purple and blue to mimic a sunset, since this character (to me, anyway) seems to like lurking in the dark. The colours also remind me of a galaxy print, because I thought it pretty sad that such a young man could be so pessimistic. So he's got the whole world around him, but all he can see are the dark shadows of the alleys he lives in. :(

...but I do prattle on. Thank you Captaiin-Stalker, for the permission to draw him! :D

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